Facilities and equipment at Channarong Muay Thai are inspected and sanitized on a regular basis to provide a safe environment for students and staff. Students are encouraged to assist in assuring a healthy environment. Students must maintain personal hygiene to include cutting toe/fingernails, removing jewelry/piercings and bathing prior to training classes. Students are encouraged to report any unsafe conditions, damaged or inoperative equipment to staff. Any students or staff with potentially contagious medical conditions specifically: staph, flu, hepatitis or tuberculosis may not participate in training until cleared by a medical doctor. Additionally, students and instructors must be free of open wounds and injuries prior to participating in training.

Safety is paramount. Student goals and progress are carefully monitored by instructors and individually tailored to meet your needs. If fitness and weight-loss is your goal, non-contact training is available and extremely effective; you will be shocked how fast your body responds. Students will only be allowed to progress to more advanced training and competition if they are physically and mentally ready. We understand that most students, especially military and law enforcement can’t afford to be injured in training so teaching methods are tailored to accommodate new students while maintaining the fundamental integrity of Muay Thai.

*Note: Disqualifying Student Standards

Minimum age for all students is 18 years.

Dishonorable discharge from the military.

Conviction of any crime of violence: Domestic Violence, Rape, Assault/battery, resisting arrest, felony evasion, manslaughter, attempted murder/murder etc.

Current addiction/use of illegal controlled substances

Affiliation or association with any gang, terrorist or criminal organization.