Channarong Camp Training Classes

Non-Contact Fitness

This class covers all of the proper fundamental techniques of Muay Thai, without any student on student sparring contact. You will work with all the standard conditioning drills, road work, pad work, heavy bag etc. This is hands down the best whole body fitness/weight-loss path available today. In fact, many students that would have never considered competing have discovered their new confidence and strength completely changes their mentality. If fitness and weight-loss is your goal, non-contact training is extremely effective; you will be shocked how fast your body responds. (Some of the best fighters actually come from this class).


Our Muay Thai classes provide a very effective unarmed self-defense system; one simply needs to take off the gloves and with a few modifications to remove some of the sport features, you are set. Come by and we will show you why traditional martial arts and mixed martial arts “MMA” are not effective real world self-defense systems and can even get you seriously injured or killed. In addition to technique, we offer practical real-world criminal and civil liability tips by Coach Chris an experienced law enforcement officer. In the event you actually have to use your training to defend yourself or another you will be prepared for the aftermath. A service offered by few if any martial arts schools.

If you want to take your training to the next level check out our partner organization, S.E.A. Combatives Group.

Amateur – Professional Muay Thai

This mixed class is for students new to Muay Thai and aspiring fighters. Classes are provided twice a day for 2.5 hours, morning and afternoon. You will learn in a friendly, ego free environment with moderate and padded contact. The full spectrum of Muay Thai training is presented incrementally and a solid conditioning and technique foundation is built.

For more experienced students, this class continues, bringing everything together to prepare the student for training in Thailand and full-rules Thailand competition, whether or not you choose to actually compete. The last hour includes full contact sparring and clinching, this group is restricted to students that have demonstrated the conditioning, maturity and skill for this level of training. Channarong Camp pro fighters are selected from this group.

*Note, Channarong Camp fighters only compete professionally in Southeast Asia.

Required Training Equipment (We strongly recommend using gear made in Thailand: Twins, Windy, Fairtex, Raja, Thaismai, Top King, Boon, etc.)

Bare Minimum Gear:

Thai boxing shorts (all students)

Bag gloves (all students)

Sparring gloves (Basic and Advanced-Pro students)

Thai style x-long hand wraps-180 inches length (all students)


Additional and Optional Equipment:

Athletic support top (all students-female)

Sparring gloves,Velcro-leather (non-fitness students-Under 120 lbs. 12 oz, under 160 lbs. 14 oz., 160 and up 16 oz.)

Athletic cup (non-fitness students-male, metal Thai-type)

Torso guard (basic-amateur students) *optional

Shin guards (non-fitness students)

Mouth guard (non-fitness students boil-and-bite type, a dentist grade custom type is recommended)

Head Gear (sparring students)

*A little heart…… (all students) you have to bring this, we can’t give it to you!


Training Schedule *(New Location in Florida pending)*

Training Hours: 6am to 9am and 5pm to 8pm

Open Camp: 9am to 5:00pm

Weekly Schedule: Monday to Saturday (schedule subject to modification)


Student Fees

Private Muay Thai training session with Coach Chris (1 hour). $60 per session.

Day Pass: (Outside trainers) $20 per person (outside trainers welcome with clients – during open camp hours).

Day Pass: $20 per person, full access to morning and afternoon Muay Thai training sessions or open camp hours.

All access Muay Thai training membership: (Contact us directly for information)

*Student training fees made by monthly automatic electronic bank transfer payment.

*SEA Combatives/Muay Tahnoon and firearms course fees vary, specific to curriculum and length of course.