S.E.A. Combatives Group®

Training is conducted at the John B. Wing Training Center, in tandem with Channarong Muay Thai Camp. S.E.A. (Southeast Asian) Combatives is a Muay Thai-Boran based, full spectrum non-sport self-defense system. The weaponless part of the system is called “Muay Tahnoon®” Thai language for “street-fighting”. Normally restricted to active duty military, law enforcement and selected private security professionals, but now available to vetted members of the public. Areas of focus include impact-baton, firearms, unarmed and edged-knife training in dynamic reality based street survival courses.

S.E.A. Combatives is the culmination of over 20 years of intense study and real world military and law enforcement field experience. Chris has spent much of his professional life studying and applying armed and unarmed confrontation systems with elite U.S. military units and police special operations teams. Chris has long recognized the ineffective, impractical and antiquated “self-defense” and “defensive tactics” training provided to the military and law enforcement. S.E.A. Combatives is a practical, real world combat system utilizing the most commonly available weapons that can be effectively applied in low threat or worst case scenario confrontations under any conditions. There is no prerequisite experience. Anyone can learn and effectively employ S.E.A. Combatives without years of study and expense. None of the techniques are theoretical; this system is based on years of hard earned personal experiences in state prisons, non-permissive environments,  close protection, police patrol, gang enforcement, military combat and tactical team operations.

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